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The DFG grow of, will be a competition for the best 3 photos!




there will be 3 category winners - Indoor, Sun grown, and the Grand Champion.  

Indoor winner and Sun grown Winners will receive- 7 packs of DFG Gear Free 

Grand Champion Winner (most votes from either category), - 10 Packs of DFG Gear Free + 30% off orders till a New Grand Champion is Crowned

The Grow Off is only open To DFG Gear - can be testers, auction wins, regular Releases, from me or any of my vendors, If I bred it, can be submitted.


you may Submit 2 Photos per Strain Per category (Indoor / Sun grown)  unlimited number of strain Entries.    

Must put strain name, and category on the submission. 

Submissions will be accepted now thru November 1st, to allow the full term growers a change to enter. Then we will open voting, and chose our winner.  Exact days to be announced.