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Modified MacBerry Moonshine & Orange Stash (Lisa cut)

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Hey all. I'm currently working through these two packs one or two beans at a time, while running some other stuff too. I'm indoor in a pair of 2x4' tents under LED lights. Veg has a Durolux veg spectrum and flower is under a SF2000. Temps are under control but occasionally humidity is out of whack. Growing in soil with Dry amendments from DTE. Liquid silica, cal mag and Recharge. Mostly, just distilled water. Silica once weekly and Recharge and Cal mag whenever they look like they need it or I feel like adding some recharge. 

So far I've popped 5 Orange Stash. Two males and two didn't germ. The first male I got had me super stoked just on its growth. Beautiful structure for the outdoor grow. The 5th is in veg right now waiting on space. Fingers crossed it's a girl. 

 Two Modified MacBerry Moonshine of two attempts popped. First was a male that reeked of garlic all the way through. I pulled it once it showed nanners forming. I believe I have a clone of him though. The second is female and flowering now. She smells complicated. A very crisp yet pungent odor. There's garlic, pinesol and I think gin. She's at about 4 weeks now. Beautiful dark green leaves, bright white pistols and a fir tree structure. She's oily and the scent follows for some time. 

I'll get pics uploaded here soon. I just wanted to get the journal started now. 

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