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the 3 main projects we have in testing are:


Regular Seeds:


Panamoniuem F2 project (Panama red x Bangi haze f9) - Expecting 10-13 week somewhat tamed thin leaf stretchy plants, with expected terps ranging in the lemon, incense, swamp, metal type family.


Golden Dragon Male Crosses - (Khmer Cambodian x Mekong Thai) - Expecting Long flower untamed thin leaf drug types.  


X Cambodian "Red Stem pheno" 

X Cambodian "Green Pheno"

X Wailing Valley 



Feminized Seeds:


Orange Dreams #3 Reversal  - Wet Dreams X Orange og sr71 Purple kush - broad leaf dense, fuel, sour citrus, floral kush terps.



X Zamaldelca 

X Celestial Dragon

X Skunk Dog 

x Peanut Butter Breath

x Carmel Crash

X Orange dreams (S1s)

x Sour D Bx2 

x Gorilla Glue #4

X Blackberry HP 

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