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Jeff Payne

Jeff Payne

Sun Grown Organic Cannabis

A lot has been going on here at Dragons Flame Genetics that I am very excited to share with you all, so this should be a pretty fun update! For starters, we have nearly finished the seed separating process of the mac dragon number 7 reversal. We are very happy to report that we have success and have created beautiful seeds. The mac dragon line has proven itself here in Hawaii to be a highly dependable top shelf producer even in harsh tropical conditions and humidity. The primary goal with the mac dragon reversal was and is to lock down the beauty of the mac dragon and be able to share it with the world. This first reversal was using the number 7 keeper, which comes out with dank fuel puppy breath terps, and I also plan to reverse the number 10 phenotype as well, which has blueberry pasty terps. The main lines created during this reversal which are now in testing are the Mac Dragon S1 (Mac dragon #7 x mac dragon #7), Mac Dragon Backcross 1 (Mac dragon #7 x orange dreams #3 reversal) x Mac dragon #7, and then Mac dragon Feminized f2s using the females number 7, 10, 12, 18. We also did an outcross using the garlic breath #21 cut, as well as a dozen or so personal lines that Ill likely use in other projects. So stay tuned on IG as you should start seeing photos from our testing team very soon!

Mac Dragon number 7 Hawaii Sun Grown
Fresh Seeds off the mac dragon reversal

This brings us to our next feminized project in the greenhouse which will be the Blackberry Moonshine Bx1 Mischif Mike cut reversal. The goal of this one is to create the next step in the process of isolating the beautiful Blackberry Moonshine into seed form. The BMS BX1 is arguably one of our most beautiful lines, with insane terpene production and potency to match her showstopping looks. This cycle is mere weeks away from flipping, so if all things work out according to plan, we will make Blackberry Moonshine Backcross 2, as well as BMS bx1 Self one generation (S1), I also have a sister phenotype of the BMS BX1 I selected here in Hawaii for her tropical resistances that will be used to make feminized f2s of the blackberry moonshine bx1. We will also be doing some outcrossing into some excellent lines, such as the infamous skunkdog cut, the local MalawiA5haze cut, Mac Dragon 7 and 10, as well as a few other fun lines. This should be interesting to say the least, so wish us luck!

Well, that brings us to the tale of two landrace heirloom preservation projects I am currently working on. Most people who are into heirlooms, or old school sativa genetics, are probably familiar with John from Snowhigh Seeds. For those that are not, he is a well-respected preservationist, and old school breeder. In collaboration with John, I am just about to harvest our first seed increase cycle dedicated to preserving and outcrossing the Vietnamese Purple Dalat Heirloom. I made pure stock, as well as pollinated the Mac Dragon 7, BMS BX1, and Blackberry Moonshine 12. It is a true honor and privilege to be able to do my part to further this pure Vietnamese line, and it is one I am going to be working a bit longer before sharing with the world, so stay tuned as I put some heart into this one. These were older seeds, and I had lower germination numbers to start with then I would have liked. In order to not bottle neck this special line, and in order to do it proper, Ive collected several other people’s preservations efforts and seed increases of Johns Dalat Vietnamese. Ill eventually run my seed increase stock, as well the other people’s efforts Ive collected, and use this joint work to make the next open pollination step, and then from there, I work the line further. I also rooted clones of the original snow high stock in order to outcross and do some other projects over the next few years. This will definitely be a long-term project, but one I intend to do my best work possible, in order to be able to pass down a pure truly tropical Vietnamese line.

The other preservation we are currently doing is an eighty-six-plant open pollination of Shillong regional heirloom from the Meghalaya state of India. This area receives the most annual rainfall on the entire planet, which naturally will have bred some truly special cannabis, which is the main point of this project, which will have drastically affected their evolutionary process. These plants are some truly beautiful thin leaf sativa divas, and will be part of a much larger project in collaboration with Trident Seeds. I am first doing this open pollination process and will then work the line further. I started with one hundred, and only culled those that were weak, runts, and/or showing low fungal resistance or issues during stress testing. I have cuts rooted off all of them as well and based on what I observe during the open pollination, I may also prepare a cycle of similar traits / phenotypes to start isolations / individual unique but pure lines. I am also looking for both my favorite male and female from these eighty-six plants that is worthy to get used in outcrossing via using a male, and outcross via females to my modern males as well as possibly reversing. Only time will tell the full scope of how this project will unfold, but I intend to make it a great chapter!

We definitely have a lot going on right now, and I hope this look into the madness has excited you for the future of both DFG, and of cannabis genetics as a whole! We definitely mean it when we say we work hard to make unique lines, that exist outside of the typical cookies, Kush, and desert strains. So, until next time,

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