Facility Update

December 21, 2018

Figure it was time to give an update of the indoor facility and how we are doing things lately!  The new spot we are at has a 40×40 barn, with 4 stalls and a large center room with tall ceilings.  We have put in work getting it cleaned out and converted over to a kick ass indoor facility.  It was primarily used as storage for several generations of stuff, sadly a lot of it was ruined by mice and time.  We have had trailer after trailer of donations, craigslist items, and dump runs but we are finally at a spot where its chugging along.  

All 4 stalls have been emptied, scrubbed to hell and back, and set up.  

Room 1 12×12- We are running as sensimelia flower production / pheno hunting.  We have had the first cycle out of this room, which was a soil / Korean natural farming cycle of garlic breath from thug pug genetics, as well as my pheno hunting of Smaugs stash / Hard dick blues stacking.  This room is now refilled with half gelato 33 and my 3 times og (serious og x orange og sr71 purple kush) and is rocking a test run of a coco medium.

6 1k Single ended lights, 4 HPS and 2 MH for some mixed spectrum. 

Room 2 – 4k HPS / with co2.  “gas” room

This room is a soil / knf run room with the sample regime of the oregons only nectar of the gods.  This cycle is half orange dreams and half TK / 92 og / Glue s1 / 3 times og for flower production.  

Room 3 – Pollination room running the garlic breath females, and the dragon hashplant male for the thug pug / DFG collab.  4k hps air cooled rockin soil / knf / oregons only nectar of the gods sample regime.  

Room 4- Current veg / mom space running 3k MH / HPS and led shop lights and t5 HO setups.

8×8 tent pollination room – reversal space.  current is reversing the orange dreams to make s1 and feminized seeds.