Garden Notes

3 times og

December 23, 2018|DFG ORIGINALS This beauty is our keeper mom of the serious og x orange og sr71 purple kush, dubbed the 3 times og.  This beauty was found by emerald garden pdx from our beans, who then shared the cutting with us.  Always fun when happy growers return offspring they have found from our work.  Helps us also see what phenos they love vs the phenos we have found… Read More »3 times og

room 1 pic update

December 23, 2018​ room 1 (gelato 33 / dfg 3 times og currently vegging away.

Facility Update

December 21, 2018 Figure it was time to give an update of the indoor facility and how we are doing things lately!  The new spot we are at has a 40×40 barn, with 4 stalls and a large center room with tall ceilings.  We have put in work getting it cleaned out and converted over to a kick ass indoor facility.  It was primarily used as storage for several generations… Read More »Facility Update

Project annoucement

December 21, 2018 I am very pleased to announce a fun new collaborative project between myself, and thug pug genetics.  We traded lines a while back, and I have been sorting thru them.  The first one that I decided to run was the Thug Pug Garlic breath line.  I found some very beautiful plants, with sour garlic terps, and some garlic gas, and a more atypical cookie type.  I selected… Read More »Project annoucement

2018 Season Conclusion

October 27, 2018 Well, Its been a crazy season, full off ups ,downs ,and many challenges.  Somehow, even through moving out of state twice in the season, here we are, with a harvested full term garden, rooms full of hanging flowers that were grown with a deep love and commitment to sustainable medicine.  It never ceases to amaze me the quality of flowers that native soil coupled with Korean natural… Read More »2018 Season Conclusion