Garden Notes

Drop Alert!

September 30, 2018 I am very excited to announce that we have some new strains dropping! Yunnan dragon – China Yunnan cangshan mountain landrace x dragons stash f2 Rude Dragon – Rude boi OG x Dragons stash f2 Red Bulgarian Dragon – Blowfish x Bulgarian x dragons stash f2 Green Dragon rider – Nimbus 2000 green pheno x dragons stash f2 Purple dragon rider – Nimbus 2000 purple pheno x… Read More »Drop Alert!

Where did they season go!

September 28, 2018 Holy smokes, not sure where the year went!  Somehow we managed to land here in September.  Its been a flurry of a year.  2018 will be forever be known to us as a year of getting knocked, and rising above it.  The year started with a job offer down in Covelo/Mendocino county to manage a rec grow.  We were very unsure, as tying our future to a… Read More »Where did they season go!

Project Updates

January 11, 2019|DFG ORIGINALS I just wanted to let everyone know that I got the website updated with my 2 current projects, the orange dreams reversal, as well as the DFG / Thug Pug collab project.  Both of these projects I am very excited about, and I suspect will make a lot of growers some very beautiful plants.   With the orange dreams reversal, I am making feminized stock, by… Read More »Project Updates


January 12, 2018 First, introductions. I am Melissa and Jeff. We farm, smoke, and gripe about what a douche Trump is. Jeff is the brawn, brains, logistical engineer, head builder, head of sales, and distribution. My duties include micromanaging, “sweating him” and making him move on object 47 times only to finally settle on position number one. It’s magic. Our “kid” is a 5 month old Bull Terrier who thinks… Read More »Welcome!