Harvest day!

February 1, 2019

Well, we pulled down the first harvest out of room 2 – the 4k hps room.

was 16 plants, orange dreams – 4 different keeper phenos, the 92og, tk, glue, and my 3 times og.  

All in all, super happy with how this run did.  Was a soil room, where we did Korean natural farming inputs as well as tried out the Oregon’s only nectar of the gods sample regiment line.  Everything preformed beautifully and we had no major hiccups.  We allowed them to go to day 76, and are now hanging as hole plants in a dark drying room.  Videos are being uploaded to youtube right now, as well as pictures onto this site.  

We hope everyone out there is moving forward themselves, and crushing their dreams!  Life is to short to do otherwise..