Issue 5 – Update on DFG Strains

Jeff Payne

Jeff Payne

Sun Grown Organic Cannabis

For this update, I am going to be take a break from the Hawaii build story to give a garden, release, and
general DFG news update. One of the biggest announcements that came this month, is the worldwide
release of our two newest lines, the Orange Stash Lisa Version, as well as the Garlic Stash Number 13
Version. These two releases are both ones we are super pumped about, and we are so thrilled to be
able to share them with the world.

The Orange Stash Lisa version, is the Orange Dreams mother originally grown by my lady’s
coworker, named Lisa. While we were still based in Oregon, we ran a nursery and provided healthy,
hardened off, breeder selected clones and seed plants, that local growers could plant full term or dep.
Many times, I would be able to follow along, and check in to provide guidance, or just to smoke and
visit. Over the course of the season, the seed plant I supplied Lisa with off the Orange dreams kept
intriguing me more and more. When I visited Lisa again, and saw and smelled the plant midway thru
flower, I knew it was one I wanted to pull cuts off rather than it just being harvested and smoked up. Of
course, our friend was happy to allow me to pull a cut and reveg it. Looking back, I am so thankful I did,
as she became quite a special breeding mother, as well as wicked smoke in her own right. This
phenotype, to differentiate it from other orange dreams breeding mothers, became dubbed the Lisa
pheno, and has since gone on to be used in several breeding projects. The Orange stash V- Lisa is the
first one to make it thru testing to be released, and its easy to see why. She typically comes out in the
skunky musky citrus terpene profile family, with early pulls tending to lean toward the citrus side. Take
her deep and let her finish, and the raunchy skunky musky side comes out more and more. In full term
gardens, this line will get large, and will take over whatever pot size she is given. Finishes typically in the
mid October range in in PNW, with high levels of frost and mold resistance. Indoor gardens, Id
recommend taking deep, let her go 10-12 weeks and she will reward with insane yield and potency. In
Hawaii / Dep Greenhouses she is a bit faster flower and finishes more in the 9-week range.

The Garlic Stash Version 13 is the other new release that dropped in March and is the next addition to
the Dragons Flame and Thug Pug collab projects. Ive been holding and breeding with two beautiful
Garlic Breath phenotypes that I pulled out of Gromers work, the number 13, and the number 21
phenotypes. This new Garlic Stash V 13 release is the Garlic Breath number 13 crossed to the Dragons
Stash F2 red male and possesses a more garlic dough cookie terpene profile. To compare her to the
Garlic Stash Version 21 which was previously released, the 13 is faster flower, rounder shaped
traditional cookie looking flowers, with dank garlic cookie, or garlic sourdough bagel type terpene
profiles. Both versions are very mold and mildew resistant and can take a wide range of environmental
conditions, from frost to droughts, ph and temp swings. This is one to satisfy even the pickiest of the
hype market, while not having to settle for finicky, rubics cube type plants that need to be babied.

The other status update is about our feminized lines, and feminized projects. We have been starting to
get mid flower updates from our tester network, and so far, everyone has been pleased with how the
Orange dreams reversal lines are shaping up in testing. Especially the Maui Skunkdog x Orange dreams,

the Orangutan Dreams (Gorilla Glue #4 x Orange Dreams Reversal), and the celestial Dragon x Orange
dreams. We have high hopes that maybe summer, or fall perhaps, we can finally start to make some
feminized releases. We know everyone is anxiously awaiting us to make the maiden feminized seed
releases, and while we still have a way to go in testing, so far we are seeing beautiful plants with
exceptional traits coming down from both parents. So, we are very hopeful the wait is nearly over.

In garden news, our next cycle here is currently flipping into flower and is one we are excited about.
This round, we will be reversing our dank and beautiful Mac Dragon Number 7 phenotype. We choose
the number seven as the reversal donor for many factors, but the number one reason can be summed
up in one word – dependability. Here in Hawaii, the fungal and pest pressures are extremely high, and
cycle to cycle, the mac dragons are supremely resistant, with the 7 being one of the most terpene rich,
and the most resistant, and every cycle, is the queen of the run. The number seven is what I would
consider a true grower and smokers’ gem. Her terp profile is diesel and puppy breath forward, with
some underlaying sweet treats. Bag appeal is off the charts, as she has that mac look, with extra red and
purple colors laced thru the bud coming from the dragon’s stash side, even in hot Hawaii temperatures.
I would bet on the mainland in cold nights she would be a true rainbow of colors. The most ironic part is
I had heard the mac cut is not the best breeder, so when I popped the mac dragons, I almost did not pull
cuts as I had low expectations. But I am so thankful I did! As we found the best of both parents, the
insane bag appeal and density of the Mac1 cut, with all the dependability and terp levels of my dragon’s
stash side. For this project, we plan to make feminized Mac Dragon S-1 “selfed” seeds, fem f2s using the
Mac Dragon number 10, 12, and 18, as well as making some feminized F1 outcrosses. This cycles
hareem is one for the books…got the greenhouse filled with some pillars of cannabis genetics. Sour d
bx2, Gmo, Glue, TK, 92 Og, Love fruit, t-1000, DTK, Forum Cookies, White Tahoe Cookies, 09 Animal
cookies, Sherbadough, Garlic breath #21, Orange dreams #3, Orange dreams Lisa, Cherry Pie, Skunk dog,
Blackberry moonshine #12 all will hopefully be seeded up with feminized pollen and will be put into
testing. Which of these will be able to cut the mustard to make release…we don’t know yet…but we
shall see!


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Stay Free Stay High

Jeff From DFG

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    I heard you on the grow cast and it was great episode!
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      cheers! thanks glad you enjoyed it. We are planning a from the garden episode with growcast as well!

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    These news letters are the bomb. When I see it in my inbox the world stops! Killer work Jeff
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