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Jeff Payne

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This blog entry is one that I have been waiting a long time to be able to write, and I am super pumped to
make this announcement, and I think you guys will be excited to hear it as well. After years of being
asked, and endless messages, trials, errors, and successes, we have finally come to a new chapter in the
legacy here at DFG – Our first Feminized releases are officially getting released to the world. It has taken
quite a journey to get here, but I am so excited to be able to share these new lines with you and the
world, and I am confident they will make excellent additions to your gardens!

Charlies Stank Ass
Charlies Stank Ass

The two maiden feminized lines that will be dropping are, “Charlies Stank Ass” and “Dude You’re
Droolin.’” We are also going to release two regular lines that finally got thru testing with flying colors,
the “Dragon Glue,” and “Dragons MacBerry Moonshine.” Now, I am sure you are reading those names
and thinking, no dragon in the name? Well, on the feminized releases we wanted to try a little different
naming style. Naming in general is something that we always have quite a lengthy debate over, and
many times we use contests to help us narrow down or decide. This time, the names came to us while
just having a good time smoking some ganja and hanging with our dog pack. Charlie, our bull terrier, is
notorious for his nose assaulting gas, and this day was no different. He dropped some particularly bad
air biscuits, and my wife or I laughed and said, “Damn Charlie ya Stank Ass!” My lady exclaimed, you
know, that would make a hilarious strain name. At first, I was a little on the fence, but the more I
thought about it, the more I thought it was funny. So, when thinking about the new lines, the skunkdog
x orange dreams line really seemed to call for the name. I mean skunkdog…. stank ass…. seemed to fit
right?! And the terps this line produces, definitely fit into the BO, skunky, and raunchy vein. Some do
go heavy into the citrus smell, but the majority are offensive, eye, and nose assaulting, just like our
beloved Charlie. Once it clicked together in our minds, it was an easy decision, and thus, “Charlies Stank
Ass” was officially born. Once we had decided, it also led to the idea of the cutest sticker design, as
Charlie loves spreading out looking back and ripping ass with a happy grin on his face. We are working
on getting that design made, and once we do, we look forward to sharing that little piece of our life with

Dude You’re Droolin’
Dude You’re Droolin’

Once we had decided to use our dogs as inspiration, the second name more feel into place. Dude,
you’re droolin’ is something we repeatedly say to our dogs, usually when they are staring at our food
longingly, or when they are chilling on the couch vibing out. We thought it also was a funny one, that
has the double meaning of being stoned beyond oblivion. And thus, “Dude, You’re Droolin’” was decided. For this one, we dubbed the celestial dragon x orange dreams cross this as she comes out as
very heavy narcotic, debilitating stoney smoke, sure to lock you into the couch and droolin’ enjoying life
pain free.

Dragons Macberry Moonshine
Dragons Macberry Moonshine
Dragons Glue

The other two new drops are older ones I made that originally many testers did not follow thru, so had
to get new people involved to test in various climates and styles, but I am finally ready to let them out
into the world. They are the Dragon Glue, and the Dragons Macberry Moonshine. Dragon Glue I made,
prob 4 or 5 years ago now, and was the original GG4 cut, seeded by my 3 Dragons Stash F2 male
selections. This line has some diversity due to multiple dads, but as a whole, you can expect to find
stockier, hardier, more mold resistant, and more robust Glue phenotypes, as well as Blueberry Glue, and
Lemon Glue type phenotypes. The Dragons Macberry Moonshine, which is orange dreams x Macberry
Moonshine, and is the final installment of the DFG / TwoToneGenetic collab projects based off the male
I pulled from our collab line Macberry Moonshine (Blackberry Moonshine 12 x Mac Male) This one
comes out with insane bag appeal, colors, and is a terp monster. She is one that I know anyone from a
large-scale rec grow, to a small tent grower, will find some beautiful flowers in. Terps are typically in the
sweet lemon cookie, or fuel citrus cookie type terps. I have heard a couple reports of pine sol terps as

Macberry Moonshine Male

We are still working the exact date of drop, but currently looking like June 18 th best case scenario, or if
supplies take a bit longer, the following Friday the 25 th of June. These will all be small releases, the
feminized lines will be 200 packs releases and that is all the stock in existence, and the regular lines are
looking like 150 – 200 packs max. And I do not mean that as a marketing ploy, I saved myself enough to
do a proper hunt someday when I have time and space to f2 the lines, but once the packs are gone….
they are gone.

These will be dropping with the following vendors and sources:

My Site

Neptune Seed Bank – Dragons Flame Genetics – Cannabis Seed Breeder at Neptune Seed Bank
Great Lakes Genetics – Dragons Flame Genetics – Great Lakes Genetics
Moss M Genetics-
Chai Life / Wmass Cannabis Club
WellGrownSeeds Dragon’s Flame Genetics (

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