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A walk thru some of Haole Moonshine plants part 1

I've been going thru the phenotypes from my current testing grow of the Haole Moonshine, getting a good sense of what they are bringing to the table currently, while I sort thru which are getting rerun, and which may be getting culled. Part of the process for breeding and selection - the more notes you take, the better. This batch of photos is mid-week 7 - figured I would show these for you guys to check out to! These blog updates will come in a few parts, as I pull the plants out to water, clean, and inspect, I'll take some photos, notes, and get the photos ran thru lightroom to remove metadata, do any crops, touch ups and add my logo, then get them put on the computer and posted...bit of a process. But I will get them all done so people can see what can be expected from this line.

This is the number 6 haole moonshine - the runt of the litter as far as vigor goes; however, this one has a cat piss skunky funky terp profile that's so disgustingly good. I have her slotted to get rerun from clone and see if from clone and with a bigger root system if she will step up the vigor / yield. Based on terpene profile currently though, I can't wait to smoke her! My testers reported back finding this pheno as well, and we all noticed that this one show longer petioles on the fan leaves, with considerably less stretch than her sisters. All of us also agree the terp is to die for and worth rerunning!

Here's the #18 phenotype. She has a skunky tangerine profile, with thick heavy buds. She shows strong central cola type structure, and would be killer in SOG. Buds are hard, and dripping. Doesn't quite have the WoW factor of some of her sisters, but still a very solid plant.

Hard to tell from these photos (My camera is currently down so these have all be cell phone photos) but she has some purples and reds coming into the buds and has the signature blue hue that a lot of the blackberry moonshine crosses end up with.

This is the #13 phenotype. This one was in the back corner, so I haven't had my nose and eyes on it as closely as its flowered compared to the plants right in when I pulled her out I was pretty happy to see she's become quite the beautiful gal. Easily now one of my favorites, as she has such a delicious oil fuel and skunky terpene profile, with looks to kill. Buds are rock hard, but not massive either. Will be interesting to see finished yield but talk about quality. Hard to tell from these photos, but shes got some reds, purples, violets, and blues coming thru her buds.

I also wanted to share a few photos provided by my tester from discord - Cschramm of one of the phenotypes he just harvested. This one he described as "Citrus and funk"

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1 Comment

Kevin Lybrand
Kevin Lybrand
Nov 21, 2022

If they smell and taste like they look, then the effects are going to be perfect!

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