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Another failed reversal...tagging in Triangle Skunk Collaboration

Well...unfortunately the blackberry moonshine bx1 reversal failed to produce pollen. But...when life presents lemons....I give you...the lemonade.

Here's the replacement that just got pulled up of the bench and into the big leagues!

Triangle kush x skunkdog bx1 - bred by the homie matchmakergenetics / pakaloloinparadise2.0

For those that aren't familiar...this is a good friend of mine, he did the NorCal outdoor monster game and then moved over to the big island of Hawaii. He manages to overcome the harsh Hawaii environment and he's one the few people I get excited to see pull out more each one is dank and clearly grown with passion. He's out there making some pretty exceptional work, so when we discussed the idea of a collab....

I'm seeding 2 full tents worth of ladies, quite a list to!

Blackberry Moonshine bx1

Modified Macberry Moonshine

GMO - SkunkMasterFlex Cut

Forum Cookies

Grape Pie - Archives Cut

Stardawg - Corey -

Crippy - PNWRoots Cut

Mendo Crumble - Mikey mendo lines cut

Fire OG - all star clones cut

2 phenos of Triangle Skunk

2 phenos of Deathstar x Chem 91 bx1 - from El Jefe

Chem 91 SKVA cut

Dragon - Meraki Genetics Cut

Deathstar - Ohio Clone only

Gelato x Dosido - Archive Cut

Chem D

3 phenos of my Cherry Pie x Mac Dragon.

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