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Blackberry Dragon Fruit -

I am pleased to announce this one, we will be dropping 30 pack total of the newly dubbed Blackberry Dragon Fruit, which has come out the other side of testing looking beautifully and smoking beautifully as well.

The lineage of this feminized line is the Blackberry Hashplant x Orange Dreams #3 Reversal. She produces many long, elegant spears that are dripping in resin. With the hashplant lineage, you can expect tacky, thick resin, that does very well in hash returns and concentrates. Both sides of the family tree are ones I built for tuff climates, so she doesn't produce Monster thick colas, but she does produce a ton of them, and they don't mold or mildew easily. From Hawaii climates to Northern Colorado, to Canada, this is a line built for growers and smokers alike. Many phenos will also show beautiful fades, going red, purple, and black towards the end of their life, indoor or outdoor.

Unfortunately, this is a line that due to how difficult the orange dreams is to reverse and produce pollen, there is a very small number of packs. After putting thru testing, and keeping my breeder backstock, and the couple that went thru my auction page (@dfgauctions on ig) there will only be 30 packs in this feminized release. 5 packs will be going out to WellgrownSeeds, 5 will be going over to Meraki Genetics, and the remaining 20 will be going to the Neptune Seed bank family of banks.

Terps on this line are described as Acrid Tangerine Candy, Sour tangerine Skunk, and Sour berry. All have some of the hashplant acrid sour notes, but the best tasting ones are the more colorful tangerine phenos. All are sure to please though, really comes down to your tastes.

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