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Blackberry Moonshine Bx1 breeder cut

Well, this is one that I am pretty excited to give a quick update on, Node Labs and I have been working together. I sent them over a few of my breeder cuts, and it's looking like first up we will have the Blackberry Moonshine Bx1 breeder cut available. We will be making this cut available to both medical growers, as well as available to be licensed for recreational farms.

To recap - The Blackberry Moonshine bx1's linage is - Blackberry Moonshine #12 x [Blackberry Moonshine #12 x Mac.]

She is known for the top caliber looks, bag appeal, colors, as well as delicious skunky tangerine berry terp profile that screams out to the taste buds.

Don't take my word for it, check her out! These photos are node labs maiden run!

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1 Comment

Penny Lane
Penny Lane
Aug 21, 2023

Such a gorgeous cultivar! Do you have any notes you can share about the feelings/high/efficacy?

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