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Coming to harvest! - part #1

So, before I get to the awesome bud porn photos, I have a couple of quick announcements! Firstly, I have added some new merchandise to the webstore, all featuring the new artwork done by S.Trewth. I am personally pretty excited with how these turned out. As always, I would love to see these on ya, so be sure to tag me when you're rocking one! There might even be a reward for doing so!

Now, on to the bud porn segment! Things are progressing right along! The 4 plants in the RDWC system are all harvested, and the system ended up needing to be disassembled - it's much too hot in the summer to run at our current rental spot. The next few years will be spent grinding away at the Clarks Honor College pursuing an MBA, and building DFG from our current spot, so just got to make it happen, same as always, with what I got!

These plants are all seeded by the Cherry Pie x modified macberry moonshine males - very excited to see what this powerhouse of genetics brings to the table.

the plants in the RDWC final shots -

Modified Macberry Moonshine

Mac Dragon

Blackberry Moonshine Bx1

Haole Moonshine #3 RDWC

The RDWC chiller shut off on me and had some root issues, so they got pulled with mostly ripe seed, but in a perfect world I would have let them go another week or two. On the soil plants, I am taking even deeper into flower to allow every seed possible to develop. They are doing great as well, so figure might as well let them really fade out and get max potential.

black velvet cut-

Deathstar cut-

mac dragon #10

Mac Dragon #12

I don't want to overload this entry with too many photos and make it slow to load, so Ill post a part two with the other plants!

Stay Free, Stay High

the dragon

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Allen Overall
Allen Overall
24 jun 2023

Nice and frosty

Me gusta
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