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Day 65 Flower Shots-

Well, we are now just past week 9 in my maiden run indoors back on the mainland after our move from Hawaii. This cycle was originally supposed to be seeded by the modifed macberry moonshine reversal, however, that reversal mostly failed. We did have a few puffs of pollen, but for the most part, the reversal pollen sacks didn't produce pollen. In a way, I am honestly kind of glad, as currently I have been buying flower from the dispensary. So having a fresh batch of indoor grown head stash to refill jars is very much a win. I still intend to attempt to reverse the MMM again, just will have to change up my formula and see if next time I have better luck. Ill also carefully smoke this flower up, so if there are any seeds, hopefully I find them.

Anyway...enough yacking, here is some flower bud porn!

This is the Grape Pie cut - Sourced thru Archive Dispensary in Portland. Shes very tall and supporting to many colas right now to pull out of the tent, so not the best photos, but you get the idea! As I harvest Ill pull her out for some nice natural light glamour shots.

Here's the gorilla glue 4 cut - also buried and hard to move so her photos were taken in the tent, not the best quality photo by any means.

These are all the cut named "Dragon" which was given to me by my vendor Meraki Genetics. Its an unknown lineage, but it's striking me as a Gelato x OG type. Has a gas and purp type nose, and was super easy to grow, vegs nice and fast, clones excellent, and the buds are very solid and hard. If she smokes as good as she grows, she will stick around for a bit and I will likely put some pollen on her and see how she breeds.

And of course, the star of the show to the senses...the modified macberry Moonshine...She has the GMO sides raunchy garlic side, with added in skunky gas notes from the macberry moonshine side of the family tree. She is stacking hard and looking like she will be done a full two weeks faster than her mother, the GMO. With her 6% terp numbers as well, she's not just some watered-down GMO cross.

Here we have the Gelato x Dosido Cut - also from Archive in Portland. Shes...good. The grower in me likes her better then straight Gelato as the 41 cut can be quite the finicky lady to grow. However...I suspect the smoker in me will prefer the straight Gelato cut. This one is much more vigorous, buds are heavy, smells are there, resin is there, but honestly at this stage, I can't say on the live plant this one is an improved gelato 41. We shall see what smoke report has to say once we get there....

And here's the forum her or hate her, she's earned a spot as pillar of the cannabis scene for a reason.

Well, thats probably long enough for one day! Ill post another update before I harvest!

Cheers, stay free stay high

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Beautiful plants, Grape Pie is probably my favorite, you growers do such amazing work.

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