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Memorial Day Update!

Hey all!

Been a hot minute since I posted a new blog entry, so I figured I would get one up. I wish I could say this last 6 weeks since my last blog was a great one, but honestly, it's been a relentless kick in the pants. From my health issues to my grandparents having to go into the nursing home, to my grandfather going on hospice, and the death of our sweet bull terrier Charlie. It's been a tough month here at DFG. I know things have been slow with orders going out, and my response times on emails as well. I also no longer have Instagram on my phone just through the PC, so I haven't been available thru DM like I usually am. I am hoping that we are through the storm now, and things can return to a new normal, albeit a different one. I would like to blanket statement offer my apologies at dropping the ball on orders and such the last 6 weeks, its not how I want or plan to run things. I appreciate everyone being as patient as they have been, and hopefully, I can return to having things running more efficiently.

Now...on to some happy tidings and good news!

Both the Cherry Mac Moonshine And Blackberry Moonshine bx1 Males are showing a ton of promise in testing. Getting overwhelming positive news thus far, so hopefully this trend continues and we can start seeing some more epic new cuts floating out there, and maybe some seed releases down the road.

To show y'all some of the beautiful plants coming through...enjoy these pictures, hopefully there aren't so many the website doesn't load lol.

Here's one of the new lines in testing - Grape Gas x Blackberry Moonshine. These two phenos are in the garden of Steve1117 on my discord server.

And heres a Deathstar x Cherry Mac Moonshine example being grown by ZeroS1gnal. He described her as Tangerine, cherry, skunky fuel, blackberry moonshine funk.

This one below is the newer release, Triangle Skunk shine grown by BarakusMD off discord.

This one is one of the DFG / Matchmakergenetics collabs

And hereis a few more new photos provided of the Triangle Skunk Shine by Martinitime off Discord

And last up, hopefully doesn't break the server or your eyes with all these fire photos...

Black Velvet x Cherry Mac Moonshine grown by ZeroS1gnal

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