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New Wave of photos - Zamal Dreams!

Well, another beautiful day, woke up, traded and made a little money on the stock market, then checked my discord and saw a nice new wave of photos to make me smile! These here are my Zamal dreams line, being grown out by Supreme Reaper.

The Zamaldecla side mother side is stock from Ace Seeds, and the reversal pollen donor was my orange dreams #3. While I was a big fan of the smoke from the phenotypes I saw from Ace stock, growing them was not for the faint hearted, as she was very octopus armed, needing massive support and tying up, with a long flower time, and a pretty loose flower structure. So, I am so pleased to be seeing exactly what I wanted from this cross - The best parts of both parents' terpene profiles, with the orange dreams heavy thick buds instead of the more sativa open structure of the Zamal side. I also am happy to see across the board, the orange dreams influence really beefed up the branches and got rid of the need for miles of string / trellis to keep her upright like the Zamaldecla females needed.

As with my other testers, and what I saw here in Hawaii, - Mango / Fuel and Mango Tennis balls / Mango funk are the terpene profiles being described. The ones I ran here in Hawaii as volunteers in the pot with no veg all showed this nice mango forward terp profile, and while I know I'm impartial, I found it to be irresistible, I definitely had to keep smelling it over and over. Has some very complex funky notes under the mango to.

I'll make another post later on with some photos I took, as well as photos from other testers, but here's some awesome bud porn from supreme reaper! Thanks again my friend for running these and getting me photos!

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