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September Garden update...

Well, Figured its time to post a nice garden update, as things are rolling right along here.

In the first flowering tent holding the Modified Macberry Moonshine reversal pollination cycle...the 3 female reversals are coming up on week 5...and they are making beautiful fat sacks that are nice and detached from the flower looks like they will open on their own...

The plants to be seeded got their heavy de-leafing as this tent was way to full and I want the pollen really circulating. These plants are coming up to week 3 now...and are looking prime for pollination. I'm hoping / looking like we are well on track and hopefully we will be looking at fully seeded plants here over the coming weeks.

The currently vegging's chugging along as well. Once I see obvious signs of pollination on the pollination tent next door, I'll flip this one, with the intent to cull the reversing plants first, do a spray down to remove active pollen before these get deep enough into flower to be seeded as well. They have all been cloned, a light de-leafing from the bottom, and top dressed with bio live from down to earth and are chugging. I think next round I'm going to drop down a few plants per tent and go up a size in pots as these are starting to get hungrier then I'd like in soil. None of these plants have been topped or trained, just natural structure for this round so I can observe natural structures on the maiden from seed run.

This is all my haole moonshine from seed as well as 3 auraz from seed from @chris_compound on the left most row.

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