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Starting a new chapter

Well, this is going to be quite the announcement...and one that I know many will probably find surprising, although maybe not. After much internal debate, my wife and I have decided that the Hawaii Chapter is coming to close for us. We are in the process of selling our property here and will be relocating back to the home state of Oregon. Hawaii will always be an interesting story, and we are super proud of what we have accomplished here, but while Hawaii is fun to visit - It's an extremely challenging and expensive place to live, and overall, we feel it's better for us to be back home, and where our families are. Regardless, the show will go on! We will still be doing our thing and crafting the best quality seeds and genetics we can and pushing the envelope to improve the gene pools. One of the biggest hurdles here we keep running into is the lack of infrastructure needed, so in reality, this move will be better for our lives, and better for our grows. We did get some amazing photos though, and some good memories, and we learned quite a bit about ourselves. Moving here, we have very naive ideas about what off grid meant, and sustainability, and how to best make a positive impact thru my life, and thru growing. I believed before we moved here that we could use this opportunity to be more sustainable. What I didn't account for - Is how hard on equipment the tropical jungle really is, and how much fossil fuels we would end up having to use to support the grow. In the end, we made the realization that the requirements to grow here don't care much and being at the mercy of ships coming to port bringing supplies - and the increased dependence on fossil fuels to run things, we feel we went the wrong direction. Part of the journey of life is going down the road and seeing how it feels, and how things play out, and in the end, we did need this time, but now, it's time to recommit to these values. Full term sun grown living soil...that's where my heart is. And both my wife and I have found island fever to be a very real thing. We only get one go around in this life, might as well do what we want right!

Anyway, Im sure there will be many questions, so feel free to ask em.

stay free stay high

the dragon

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