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Today's strain spotlight & images----Dragon's brew

Well, todays blog will be about one of my long running projects, the Dragons Brew! I touched on this line earlier in my "Blackberry Moonshine" family blog, but figured Id throw up one specifically about the dragon's brew. So, what's the brew about? And what's her story!

For starters - the dragons brew is the only DFG line that I have made 3 versions of. So, to start off, she is unique in that sense. In each version, I've been attempting to dial in the Dragons brew more into my favorite parts of the line, which are its skunky tangerine fruit musky terp profile, as well as the colors, very enjoyable smoke, as well as improving its mold and mildew resistances as well. In the current release of the Dragons Brew, which is Version 3 - There are only 2 parental plants involved, just the Blackberry Moonshine phenotype #12, as well as the Dragons Stash F2 red male. In previous versions, I used multiple males and females, which for seed hunting, I prefer, as I can find more diverse offspring for my (and by extension - your) exact needs. Of course, I also have wanted to make a more uniform line as well, which best represents the best phenotypes the line offers. The biggest downside to the version 3 over the v1 and v2 - there are less of the pink pistil phenotypes, which I know many people are looking for due to the showstopping beautiful colors that hot magenta pistils offer. This though in my book is an acceptable loss, as once the flower is dry, the pink pistils no longer have any value to the smoker, or even the bag appeal really, as the pink coloring fades thru drying.

Growth wise, this line is an interesting combination- as she is usually more broader leave structure, although some do show thinner leaves, usually more in hot climates. However, unlike a more atypical "indica" type plant, she is typically fairly stretchy, with many expressions (and my personal favorite expressions as well) tend to double in size when flipped. What this line for though, is her extreme adaptability. This line has successfully been grown in some very diverse climates - from Vermont, to Canada, to Jamaica, and here in Hawaii as well. Obviously indoor is no sweat compared to the harness of these outdoor climates.

And that brings me to the future of this line...Im planning, prob winter do an f2 project of the Dragons brew, and I also am debating doing a fem backcross. Ideally, I would like to find a suitable female dragon brew phenotype that is highly resistant and beautiful, and reverse it back onto the Blackberry Moonshine bx1, to make a feminized type dragons brew version. Someday I also plan to go thru my red dragons stash f3s and make a version 4 of dragon's brew doing a dragon's stash reversal. Got a lot of plans, should make for a fun journey!

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