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Upcoming Release Alert!

Well, after some debate and thinking on what the perfect name might be, Matchmaker genetics and I landed on

Triangle Skunk Shine

For this collaboration line...

So let me introduce you to Triangle Skunk Shine! which is my infamous cut of Blackberry Moonshine bx1, crossed with my selection of Matchtmaker genetics line, Triangle Skunk.

Berry booze and Skunk, Fuel and Berry, and Skunk and berry are what our testers are screaming and raving about with this line. Supremely easy to grow plants, high yield, and very loud terps. This line is also showing well above average mold and mildew resistances, which considering both myself and matchmaker are selecting in tough climates, makes this one a crowd pleaser. Indoors you can get that top shelf flower, and outdoors, you can grow her in harsh damp zones that most lines fail to thrive in.

We haven't picked a date yet for release, but its coming very very soon!

Big shoutout to tundahgunz for these awesome tester phots as well!

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