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Amber Dragon F2

Amber Dragon F2


Lineage: Honeybee x Orange Og Sr71 Purple kush.


Regular Seeds: 10 beans per pack w/ an included freebie pack of 10 as well.  


The amber dragon is an old school type line.  Has funky, skunky, grape smells, or sour fuel profiles.  This line is a heavy old school smoke, nothing frilly like the Cookie hype on the market.  Powerful long legged smoke, with dense hard bud.  Some go purple as well like the purple kush grandparent.  Indoors this line is very easy going, with light stretch.  Outdoors, she gets large, and will form long elegant colas.  In the PNW she typically finishes mid to late october, with high levels of mold and mildew resistance.  The green phenos display more mold resistance then the purple phenos.  

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