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Re-Release Modified Macberry Moonshine

Re-Release Modified Macberry Moonshine

$80.00 Regular Price
$52.00Sale Price

Summer Sale

Rather then let them die in my fridge, decided to re release some more of my beautiful modified macberry Moonshine.


Lineage: GMO x Macberry Moonshine

Sex: Regular

Yield : Huge

Stretch : Huge

Vigor : Huge

Flower time: 9-11 weeks

Terps:  Garlic, Skunk, Fuel, Rot, Disgusting


The modifed macberry moonshine has been a crowd pleaser for years, and is the stock that the 6% terps 33% thc pheno was found in, as well as many other 4%+ Terp phenos.  This is for those that love all things ruanchy, and dank green bud.  Best phenos are the extremely vigorous, solid green phenos.  Be warned - this strain is extremly vigorous, and will need to be managed if you put it in the same room as slow modern cookies gelato low vigor stuff.  



These Seeds are older, and the very best ones were sold / grown from the first release, so what the price is lower to reflect that, and I will also be including significant extras into the packs to make sure you have 10 viable plants to come from a pack.  IF you have any issues, I will make it right.  But, for those that missed the release from 5 or 6 years ago now, here's your chance! 

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