Red Bulgarian Dragon

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Red Bulgarian Dragon

Bulgarian Blowfish x D. Stash F2

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    Dear DFG : some time back I purchased Rad Bavarian Dragon from you I just harvested it 7 weeks ago. Growth structure was A+ nice Christmas tree evenly spaced multiple large branches as soon as you flip her she barely stretched at all bulked up a 3 foot plants yielded 41/2 ounces. Smell and taste are so unique I have never had a plant taste so different and so damn good it is my favorite unbelievable flavor the high is more of a head high but transitioning into a great body high I suffer with back pain and it is moderately affective in relief.
    Thank you so much for sharing this absolutely amazing and unique plant you have so expertly bred! You must be proud of this queen I know I am I plan on crossing her with a make dragonsblood hash plant bleeding pheno wish me luck
    Again thank you so much for sharing your craft i throughly enjoy it can’t wait to try more from DFG.
    May excellent karma be at your doorstep always
    Peace and respect
    David M

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