Project Updates

January 11, 2019|DFG ORIGINALS
orange dreams

Orange dreams

I just wanted to let everyone know that I got the website updated with my 2 current projects, the orange dreams reversal, as well as the DFG / Thug Pug collab project.  Both of these projects I am very excited about, and I suspect will make a lot of growers some very beautiful plants.  

With the orange dreams reversal, I am making feminized stock, by reversing orange dreams pheno 2, which is a very nice sour kush terp, big yield, easy going, very potent delicious smoke.  I am making feminized orange dreams, as well as making some new fem F1 lines.  Should be a good time!

With the Thug pug collab, I am using a good variety of epic females of the garlic breath that I selected out of thug pug genetics seeds.  I am pollinating these females with one of my “dragons hashplant” males.  This is a 88 g13 hp x dragons stash male.  With the acrid sour hash producer line combining with the raunchy garlicy line, I suspect some very nasty raunchy plants.  

Both cycles are well under way, and coming together beautifully.  We are excited and very pleased, and we can’t wait to share these seeds with the world.