Dragon Conspiracy

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Dragon’s Conspiracy is the result of long process.  many sativas were evualated, and a very special malawi landrace pheno found was highly unique effect,  which is very intense, no ceiling high.  it’s highly philosophical. has a deep thinking, meditative, and philosophical high.  no ceiling, and very potent. the bangi haze male has helped tamed some of the unmanageable sativa traits, however, expect very aggressive vegetative growth, and some huge stretch, especially if flowering a large plant.  top, supercrop, and train this beast to run her indoor.  outdoors, she finishes from late october, to mid novemeber depending on pheno.  this is a strain for the sativa lover.  she does have some very good yields for a heirloom sativa.

Smells are woody, lemony, Banana peel, deep earth, and very complex.  gets even better after a 4 plus week cure.

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