Dragons Stash F2

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Dragons Stash F2 Dragons Flame Genetics


Dragons stash is one of my favorite strains to date, and my head stash.  The lineage of this is DFG Hard dick blues x treemans orange og sr71, f2ed with my favorite 6  f1 females, and 2 males that cleared stress testing with flying colors.  This is my Pandora box of pheno hunting, and keepers a plenty to be found!  The terp profiles range from sour citrus kush, to blueberry funk, all possessing the highest levels of frost.

The males used were both tall phenos, with stocky structures, and I used 3 tall stocky, and 3 wide bushy females.  Average to high yield, with high levels of resin production. The effect is energetic euphoria in low amounts, but can be very overpowering in large amounts. Great for romantic time with your partner, or working out! All in all, this is a strain sure to please even the most picky of connoisseurs.  9-10 week flower time, 11 for headstash and face melting potency.  Mid October in the pacific northwest.

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