Where did they season go!

September 28, 2018

Holy smokes, not sure where the year went!  Somehow we managed to land here in September.  Its been a flurry of a year.  2018 will be forever be known to us as a year of getting knocked, and rising above it.  The year started with a job offer down in Covelo/Mendocino county to manage a rec grow.  We were very unsure, as tying our future to a stranger is never an easy proposal.  We decided to throw caution to the wind and make a go of it.  While Mendocino is a truly special place that will always have a piece of my heart, the gamble turned out to be a losing hand.  We only were able to make it last about 6 weeks till my wife and I couldn’t tolerate the anger and bipolar nature of the new business partner.  With a heavy heart we moved back up to Oregon not knowing what to expect or what to do.  We were very fortunate to have good friends who really came thru for us.  We were able to salvage the season, and managed to pull off a late, but productive outdoor crop.  We also stepped into a new indoor facility which I am now working to get up and running.  All things considered this season has been a trying but good season.  My wife and I came thru hand in hand knowing more about what we need from life, and what our values are.  Sometimes the best things come from being knocked down.  We rose hungry for success, and reinvigorated to the cause.  Onward and upward we go!