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Dragon's Brew V3
Dragons Brew V3 Blackberry Moonshine x Dragons Stash F2
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Celestial Dragon
Celestial Dragon Star Dawg x Dragons Stash F2
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DFG originally began back in Oregon, in the Willamette valley, as a project to create outdoor, mold hardy, fast finishing, exquisite smoking, top shelf genetics that would perform in the harsh climate of Oregon as well as in both dialed in, and wildly erratic, grow rooms. We built our reputation on consistently providing genetics that anyone – from new growers, to the seasoned pro, could run and have great success and bountiful harvests of the highest caliber. We also very much believe, and witness, the healing powers of this beautiful plant, so many of our strains are projects to bring healing and peace from pain, stress, anxiety, and medical conditions. We are a husband and wife team and run DFG together to the best of our abilities, while constantly attempting to push the envelope and further cannabis genetics. We are a small medical farm, driven by passion and a dedication to the beauty and healing powers of the cannabis plant. We do not have investors to answer to, so our focus is on you- the grower and smoker. DFG has recently relocated over to Puna district on the Big Island of Hawaii, with the purpose of being able to run more projects a year, while also creating the hardiest, and most diverse genetics possible. Hawaii has an incredibly special, albeit challenging, climate to grow in. We believe that lines created here, under the sun, in the extreme humidity, and with extreme pest and pathogen presence, will help us to push the envelope even further. Our values in this move have not changed, rather, the move has allowed us to embrace sustainability and our core values even harder.