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Bulletproof DFG Collab Drop Date Announcement

Well, This is one I'm pretty excited to see unfolding. Roughly a year and a half ago, Bulletproof Genetics And I swapped out some lines, I got his deep breath Breeder cut, and I sent him quite a few different lines of mine, with the intention to combine our styles, his insane indoor genetics, and my tough as nails outdoor genetics, and bring our genes together. This marks the first of the series of releases we are working on, and is one every tester has been over the moon on!

So for these 4 releases, Bulletproof selected from my Dragons Stash f3 red line, a very nice red male selection from what I've seen and he has told me, and used with his hareem of elites. These 4 mark the ones that have smashed thru testing, and everyone has fallen in love with!

More pictures to come, but heres a sneak peak!

This one is a keeper outta the Crispy Creme line, grown out by Mrtootums!

these will be dropping exclusively thru Neptune Seed Bank, and are being quarterbacked by Bulletproof, but I can answer some questions as well.

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