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June Update....How is 2024 already half over?!

Hey all, this will be a fairly quick update for June, 2024...

I'm still not sure how the hell we are already in June, with the year over half over already, but here we are! I per usual have way to many rods in the fire, but that is just the way it goes, no rest for the wicked as they say lol.

In garden news here, the purest indica open pollination was a success and is now drying up. The new cross I made featuring the Black Tiger x Purest Indica is going to be going into testing shortly, so if you are interested in testing a fun new broad leaf type, hit me up as Ill be looking for roughly 20 people to test that line out.

In current testing projects, the Cherry Mac Moonshine male is crushing, and thus far everything coming off of him has been being raved about by my testing crew. Just check out this latest batch of photos of the Deathstar x Cherry Mac Moonshine and let me know what ya think?!

Hopefully real soon we can get this beauty named and possibly released, still have a way to go to know for sure, but thus far, shes looking like another winner in testing. Really happy to see how that male selection is playing with his hareem of ladies.

In other interesting news, I am going to start offering clones through the website as well. These will rotate as I have them rooted, and in general, will be small batch with under 15 cuts hitting the website off a line or two at a time, as I don't want to overload to many and them get unruly to ship. They will come rooted in a plug, ready to plug into a medium of your choice. The first offering, which is rooting now, will be my Mac Dragon #10 breeder cut which I selected in Hawaii off my F1 cross of the Mac1 caps cut x Dragons Stash f2. This is a cut many have seen photos off I'm sure, as well as many many crosses that have made it to release, and some that were unreleased due to small number of seeds made. You will just have to stay tuned for email updates announcing the availability, as I expect these will go fast. I will keep everyone updated through the website and discord, but in general my goal is to offer 1-2 breeder cuts a month. First mac dragon, then perhaps next haole moonshine and fire og or something along those lines.

Can scroll through these photos of the mac dragon cut Ill be offering...

She's got blueberry pastry puppy breath terps. and makes beautiful buds. She doesn't take pollen well, and even with a male next to her, doesn't make a ton of seeds and I usually end up hand seperating and smoking the "seeded" flower. She's a real treat in the garden and easy going.

Anyway, thats probably enough info for now, stay tuned for the 4th of July sale announcement, as well as the upcoming clone release!

as always,

Stay free, Stay high

the dragon

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