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Coming up to Harvest - Part #2

Are you ready for another photo dump?? Hopefully!

Fire og - now week 12 - reeking of gas and puppy breath. Fully seeded by the cherry pie x modified macberry moonshine (Really need to pick a name already for that...getting long to continue typing it out everywhere lol)

Here is the Cherry Pie x Mod mac moonshine keeper female (#3) Has the cherry pies funky pungent poo earthy sweet funky profile, with a bit more resin content, and a bit of the mod mac sides extra vigor. In this one, I really am wanting to go towards the cherry pie side, just turn up the resistances, vigor, and make it easier to grow. These is seeded for f2s - which I plan to go thru as well and work the line further.

Here's the first look at a one of the dried flowers - this is the mac dragon grown in the RDWC system. You can see pops of seeds pushing through...these should be epic - the mac dragon is already a proven breeder mom, so the combo coming in with the cherry pie and mod mac moonshine.... should be epic smoke and beautiful plants.

Heres the Haole Moonshine #3 - Outta the room right now - she might be my noses favorite. Lemon Pledge Ammonia cat piss with rancid skunk funk notes. Touching her and you are going to stay stinky and sticky long past washing your hands or showering. not the best flower formation for smoking - but for resin, washing or pressing or blasting, shes the winner.

Here's the Haole Moonshine #13 -

She has the better flower structure compared to her sister keeper - but her terps are quite as loud. Still excellent production and depending on how she breeds- may stick around for years to come. Has a skunky dirty oil with some hints of lemon and tangerine in there.

And here's the last one for this photo dump - The Ohio Deathstar fully seeded by cherry pie x mod mac moonshine.

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2 comentarios

Man. Everything looks great. I have been pretty bummed out. There was a lot of problems getting proper nutrients shipped to Hawaii starting back in April when I popped my first round of beans, and it's still really fd up. I basically have been subject to using bottom barrel nutrients (I was getting stellar results with "gold leaf" with some calmag and some molasses, which combined with a little sweet and sticky by Humboldt. Well getting any nutrients shipped to Hawaii is nil. The only thing I have been able to get is TPS ONE ULTRA WHICH HAS FRIED MY PLANTS, probably because the only substrate I could get is straight coco-coir. It's my first time using straight coco-coir and…

Me gusta

ken greek
ken greek
27 jun 2023

Coming along great!! I love watching your work progress to the finish. Many Blessings 🤗

Me gusta
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