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Crumble cake crop failure

Well, I hate reporting news like this, but such is the life of breeding. The crumble cake male that was pollinating the greenhouse....he crushed stress testing...but this run, he ended up throwing some female parts. Due to this, this run is officially a letdown. I ended up culling this cycle, as I don't use herms for breeding. While it is disappointing, this was the only way forward. Cycle was already seeded by him, and With other things going on in life, its what needed to happen. He was a beautiful male, but by using a herm offspring, I would feel that I would be watering down the gene pool, and not making the best possible selections or genetics. My path is to create the hardiest, strongest, most dependable seeds that I can.

So, we are moving on, and on to new things! Sorry to disappoint everyone!


Stay free stay high

the dragon

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