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Garden update for August 4th, 2022.

Hey all, going to do a quick little post to show the current state of affairs in the garden. This room is starting to look more and more like a grow. In the tall 5x5 gorilla tent, which I've dubbed the pollination tent, things are vegging nicely. I've turned the Luxx led up a notch, to now be at 50%.

So far, I love these Luxx Leds, and don't miss the DE or HPS at all lol. With the 2 Luxx's running together, and the 2x4 which just has some small stripe Leds, I haven't had to run AC so far, even with it being in the hundreds outside. Each tent has its own 6" duct fan pulling the air out of the tent and into the room, and then the room itself has a 10" duct fan that circulates the air. I've just been leaving the grow room door open, and temps are chillin around 67 with lights off, and in the 77-81 range in the room with lights on. The tents themselves are generally staying under 83-84 degrees as well. Few spikes up to 86, buts that been on the real scorcher days. Not to bad considering no ac has been involved. I may end up throwing an AC in there so we can close the door, but so far leaving the door open hasn't been an issue.

I am planning to flip the 3 Modified Macberry Moonshine reversals on Monday, and then the rest the cycle 2 weeks after that. This cycle everything is in 3 gallons, with down to earth pro-organic soil, and will be being some basic top dressings and water cycle. Nothing to crazy, just keeping it simple. My wife and I agreed no fermenting or anything to gross or stinky (to my wife's standards lol) in this place as we don't have a yard or garage here, so just going to do some boring dry amendments and water. Easy peasey.

Here is the Blackberry Moonshine bx1 x modified Macberry Moonshine Tester tent. These also are getting into 3 gallons of pro-organic soil; I need to pick up a few more bags to get the rest up potted to fill up the space. I also have another tray of smaller seedlings behind them as well in case my male / female ratio is poor. I've been up potting in order of size and been killing off the runts. I am hoping to run 18-24 females of these bms x MMM in this tent to see what the line holds, as well as get my first sinsemilla batch done to fill up my head stash jars. Will be interesting to see what these can hold...pretty exciting times, but still got a few more weeks of veg till we flip and start seeing their true beauty

and then here we have the smallest tent, the 2x4 gorilla grow tent - got the next round after the BMS x MMM going - Will be -

Cherry pie x mac dragon #7 reversal I made in Hawaii, which I've got 18 coming up. I am looking for a keeper mom to hold, ideally with the more pie terps but the MD easy going / resistant / not finicky nature. If I can find what I'm looking for...that would be great, and I probably would start using it in my breeding work. But alas, hope in one hand...and well you know how that saying goes lol. Will have to see what testing brings and see if the ganja gods blessed this union. I don't have a ton of these seeds as the cherry pie hated the Hawaii humidity and would disintegrate in the tuff climate. I love the cherry pie though, her smoke and terps are some of my favorites.

I also have a tray of the Triangle Kush x Skunkdog BX1 made by my homie in hawaii - Matchmaker genetics germinating. I plan to also pop some TK x Chem 91 bx1 from el Jefe when they arrive as well. These will all veg out while the current cycle flowers, and will only be looking thru the females, so wish me luck on some good germination rates!

In the cloner I also have...what looks to be...the legit chem 91 cut. I've been looking for her for years...and I think I may have finally found here is hoping it roots and ends up proving to be legit. I also have copies of everything in the reversal tent rooting for the next pollination cycle as well, with most the cuts I sourced from Archive having 3 snips per puck.

All in all, wheels of progress are turning, and this room is starting to look like a grow!

Also, in some sadder news...I would like to ask everyone who reads this, to load your next bowl, or roll your next joint, or fire off your next dab, in honor of my nephew Jeremy Van Brocklin who drowned this week at Fern Ridge Lake. He was an awesome kid, died at 17, just 2 months shy of the anniversary of my other nephew Mathew Van Brocklin who died at 15 fishing the Santiam River. Really sad to think that the Oregon waters have claimed two of my kin, especially so damn young. Rip Jeremy, this bowls in your honor.

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