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Go Time - Blackberry Moonshine bx1 Reversal!

Well, its officially go time on the Blackberry Moonshine Bx1 Reversal- (Hopefully)

I am going to treat a total of 4 Blackberry Moonshine bx1s with STS - First one was sprayed yesterday and flipped. 3 weeks from Today I'm going to flip the main cycle that I will hopefully seed with reversal pollen. I plan to flip 2 more hopeful donors next week, and then one the week after. So hopefully by staggering thru 4 copies of the reversals, one of them will dump pollen. A friend of mine attempted to reverse this cut and it didn't produce pollen, so I'm going to be crossing all fingers and toes my attempt will work. The plant I flipped first I'm going to double the amount of STS I usually use and see if going super heavy with the spray gets the job done. If not, I have 2 males on backup which I will debate using if need is a triangle Kush x skunk dog bx1 from my friend Matchmaker genetics based out of Hawaii to do a collab, (that's the male I'm currently leaning towards) as well as a Cherry Pie x Dragons Stash male that's from my work that is also calling my name. We shall see how the cards shake out!

Plants Slotted to Be Seeded By this BMS BX1 Reversal -

Grape Pie - Archive Cut

Modified Macberry Moonshine- DFG

Blackberry Moonshine bx1 - DFG

Chem 91 VA - Allstarclones Cut

Chem 91 VA - GMO House of Clones Cut

Fire OG - Allstarclones Cut

Corey Stardawg - GMO House of Clones Cut

Deathstar - GMO House of Clones Cut

Forum GSC - Archive

GMO - Archive

Gelato X Dosido - Archive

Runtz - Archive

Dragon - Meraki Genetics cut

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1 Comment

Nov 30, 2022

Would be realy interested in the stardawg cross. Its one of my all time favorites. Something about the bud structure of it makes it stand out too.

The plants I know that have a hard time reversing I hit every day for a week before flip 1:1:1 solution. Have to be careful with and take your plant out of the grow area to spray. Over spray of it that strong on another plant will make mutt babies real quick. I also cover the soil with plastic when I spray that strong. 1st week of flip 1:1:2 every 3rd day. 2nd week flower 1:1:3 every 3rd day until they start opening.

Another issue we found was consistency of chems wasn't realy…

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