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Haole Moonshine Photos - Part 3!

The #13 - The elite of the bunch in my opinion. Has loud oil, fuel, and skunk terps. Killer bag appeal, colors, density, resin, vigorous, all the boxes checked by this pheno, Definitely in the 9 or 10 range. Going to be putting this pheno thru the ringer now over the next year and see what she is made of.

Finally getting almost thru all the photos of the haole moonshine

This is the #9 - Non keeper

Haole Moonshine #40 - Got this one saved still in clone, but on the fence. Will have to see how she smokes after a cure. Has the loud tangerine smell, with some very tacky resin, but the structure / density isnt quite up to par to some of the others. This one prob would be a great washer though, as she is dripping in tacky resin

Here's another non keeper - but still a nice plant. When looking thru phenos - got to keep the 9s and 10s...and this one just isn't there. #46 phenotype.

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2 commentaires

Adya Dhara
Adya Dhara
13 mars 2023

Rley Site


James Toner
James Toner
07 mars 2023

Jesus That #13 is Fantastic, Just Gorgeous!😍

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