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Happy Spring!

Well, it's that time of year, and spring is officially here. I must confess, here in Hawaii we didn't really get a winter, so it doesn't have quite the same hit as it did on the mainland. Generally, this time of year is full of prep work, getting the seeds going, or getting the clones ready for the deps and full-term slots ironed out. While here in Hawaii is don't have a full-term season, even here, the vibe is still getting prepped and ready for the next run.

Our next run here is one I'm pretty dang excited for, as it is a monster collab project between DFG and some truly amazing growers and breeders that have deep roots in the cannabis scene. For starters, the male I am using will be different, as generally I prefer not to use other people's males, but in this case, he was screaming to be used, and after talking with the others involved, it was one we were all pumped for.

Crumble Cake that will be used to seed the greenhouse run- Pictured here.

Mendo Crumble Bred by CSI- selected by Mendo Mikey lion /Higher Heights Mendo x grape creme cake (bloom seed co bred / selected by Blood and fire family genetics.

I will be seeding quite the hareem of plants - and Im pretty damn excited to see how these all combine. The crumble cake male went thru the Kona Low Tropical storm system that brought 100+ MPH winds, insane humidity, and 6-12 inches of rain right thru his stress testing run. He showed very remarkable resistances, and has a robust broad leaf structure, with some cookie fuel smells.

Full greenhouse canopy currently for the next cycle to be seeded by the Crumble Cake Male

These 2 little ones are both "Jeffries" which were bred by my friend Pirateshipbaba in honor of his friend Jeffrey who recently passed away, and so we are going to work with these in his honor. I will be taking these very seriously, and giving them the respect, and work they deserve,

Mother - Terminal Lance (VS1 x in the pines -Aficionado)

Father - Magic man from snow high (medicine man x white Russian x Acapulco Gold x C99)

And here's the Deep Dreams as I've been calling it and is one of my unreleased lines that is a collab project between myself and bulletproof genetics. This one has the best traits of both parents, and is highly resistant to fungus, so I'm very excited to see how this one combines with the crumble cake male.

Lineage on this one is the Deep Breath (Bulletproof genetics breeder cut) x Orange Dreams #3 reversal.

These 2 are both Devil Skunk from Snow High Seeds, which is Festers skunk x Devils Tit. I am pretty excited for these, as the festers skunk is something I've been pretty excited to work with for a while and jumped at the chance to play with these genes.

Above - The sherbadough cut, from the Archive Dispensary in Portland Oregon. One of the modern "hype" dessert lines in my stable, it's not the most resistant in Hawaii, but I'm working to improve that! I'll be working over the next few years finding the right combo to improve the resiliency, while keeping the terp and bag appeal every expects from the line, with the dank desert fuel terps that have entranced the cannabis world.

To the right - The infamous Maui skunk dog cut, an island mainstay line, and one that has created many many lines, generally with beefed up resistances. I hope this is again the case and am very much looking forward to seeing what adding more of the island flair into the crumble cake line will produce!

And below - the crumble cake female keeper, which will make f2s.

Below right - Mac dragon #10 my breeder cut, got 8 of them in this cycle to hopefully make a nice bag of seeds of this cross.

Below Left - Mac Dragon #7 breeder cut - got 5 of them in this cycle as well, should make a nice batch of seeds to put thru testing...hopefully some nice releases


Terminal Lance to the left - 2 phenotypes both selected by pirateshipbaba, and are pretty hardy here in Hawaii, and showed some nice terps, so these will also be combined with the crumble cake, and hopefully we get some nice plants that come from these!

Below - the infamous Cherry Pie - Bay area cut. She absolutely doesn't thrive in Hawaii, and is very low resistances here, but Im trying to improve that, and will be working hard to improve this line.

I won't upload all of them at the moment, but I also stuck 4 of the nicest female Dalat Vietnamese P-1 stock ladies into this cycle as well...These are from seed, but caught my nose and senses, so decided to throw the dice and allow them into the cycle, and worst case scenario I create some seeds that don't get used for anything, but have the space at the moment, so here we go!

That blog entry ended up longer than I expected lol, but such is life. I also am planning on putting in the banana og, Lemon Tree, Sour Diesel, and Runtz clone only cuts. They are still tiny and small, but Ill be vegging this cycle till the end of march, as my wife's family is coming to visit in the middle of the month, and I want to make sure I can give this cycle my full attention, so I will be waiting till after they head home before I flip.

Also, since all these photos are just boring veg, here's some nice eye candy for your viewing pleasures!

Here's our Slyme ticket line - Dragons Slyme x Bangin ticket, grown / photo by little river aquaponics405

and heres a photo we took down in the Kalapana seaview area on the big island Hawaii!

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