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High Ramblings from the Dragon

Well, this one is going to be a bit different, as it's not really about the Hawaii build, nor is it specifically about any genetics, drops, or releases, nor is it about the stock market challenge. This will more be just some random thoughts as I'm smoking and enjoying my morning. Its currently 8 am here in Hawaii...and she is still giving the sounds of waking up. The neighborhood chickens and roosters are still crowing - and yes, you heard that right, we have random feral free ranging chickens here in Hawaii, and my subdivision is no different in that regard. I can hear my neighbor's guinea fowl making their signature racket, and the cardinals and songbirds are singing. Sometimes I forget just how magical life can really be when you stop just to take it in. I know I'm guilty of the constant grind, the hustle, and pushing forward, I sometimes stop just to appreciate what is all around me. And I suspect those reading this have some of those traits as well. It's easy to do as humans, especially in our current day in age. There's content coming at us from all sides, as well as pressures of life, from making the next rent or mortgage payment, to the dang dog just chewed up my new shoes, now it's more money down the drain, all the way to every hope, desire, and dream rattling around in our brains. It's easy in all the swirling chaos of life, and let's face it, many of our surroundings in this crazy world aren't always pretty or the best feelings attached. As many have noticed over the years, I generally refrain from drama, and politics. I know, that's hardly the "in" thing to do, and I see, just as I'm sure you do, the endless beefs and drama. But whatever political belief system, or religious background, or cultural background, I think one thing we can agree on - It's pretty crazy out there in the world. I know for me anyway - I'm just trying to enjoy the ride thru life. I personally don't believe in an afterlife - and after going thru hells to get to where I am now, I find it even more crucial as I get older to soak in the good. There's an endless stream of negatives - from big things like war and poverty, to the smaller hardships and dramas. So, as I see it anyway, you have the choices - embrace the good or be a victim the suck. While I wish I had the answers to end suffering - that's not reality. The reality of the human experience, we will all have loss, and we will all get battered by life, and in the end, we fade away into time and dust. What you do between the pages of the story, that's about all we get. So, with that said, here's something good!

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