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Ironed out the modified macberry moonshine reversal cylce.

I got to admit, while I'm always excited to flip, and start a new project.... I'm extra excited about this run, that's for sure! For one, I'm already impressed with how the Luxx Leds have been doing in veg, how little heat they produce, and how much the plants seem to like them. So, I am betting that watching how they perform in flower time should be fun. In addition, after having literally no environmental controls in Hawaii, being indoors with full climate control will be very nice. Add on the fact that the modified macberry moonshine is one of my favorite lines, and has also impressed so many growers as well, I'm stoked to work with the line further. Her delicious garlic skunk and boozy terp profile I find irresistible, and the fact that so many pounds of this line is also making the rounds thru the dispensary system in Oregon, and how fast its being smoked up, it seems like the market loves it to.

This is the cut I will be reversing in the video below, grown out in the Cannaessentials light assisted Dep greenhouse. 4.67- 6% terpene tests done on her, 26-29% thc (1st batch was lower, second run they had her more dialed in)

Heres some finished flower from the first run from Cannaessentials...just a low quality cell phone video, but a big one from the camera I couldn't seem to get to upload...

The cycle will also have some other favorites involved to receive some fem pollen, including

Forum Girl Scout Cookies

Gelato x Dosido


Grape Pie (Cherry pie x Grapestomper OG)

Gorilla Glue #4



LA Kush Cake


I have 10 of the Modified Macberry Cuts, and one of each of the above. 7 of the MMM will be seeded, and 3 will be reversed to hopefully seed the whole tent. Won't be a huge breeding project obviously just being in a tent but should make some nice sacks of beans anyway.

In the other 5x5 tent, I have the Blackberry Moonshine Bx1 x Modified Macberry Moonshine seedlings going, they are still small, but once they are doing something I'll post up some photos of them to. That should be a highly photogenic cycle once they are flowering, so Im sure there will be an overkill of photos coming off that lol. In the meantime, though, all's well here, and we are getting pretty settled in at the new spot here in Oregon, and are so happy to be back.

As always, stay free, stay high

- the dragon

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