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Picture Day!

Well, got the nikonz camera out and took some photos! Today isnt going to be a lot of words....just some pretty pictures!

This is the mac dragon - Seeded up but still oh so beautiful. This pheno is also saved in tissue lab at node labs as well, and I sure am glad she is, as shes a beautiful smoke. Blueberry cookie fuel terps a plenty!

And here is the Haole Moonshine #17 - which was a non keeper - but still very nice smoke. This one is all terpinolene to the max!

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Paul Claffey
Paul Claffey
Jul 31, 2023

Would love to purchase halo moonshine right now.But hearing its easier finding rocking horse

Replying to

I got a bunch of clones in my fridge right now. They're from my two female keepers out of 2 packs. It was rough having to pick only two but space is limited. One is windy and grows more like a vine in veg.! It has little barbs on its stems that are obviously for keeping insects away. The leaves are a bold, brackish verde. It just started flowering and this plant has truly amazed me. The list of crazy uniquicities are too long to mention here. But the dragon 🐉 has awoken. And burn they will.


Paul Claffey
Paul Claffey
Jul 30, 2023

Defo on my next run list

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