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RDWC / Pollination Cycle Update

Well, as some may have already seen, my recent at bat attempting to reverse my modified macberry moonshine line has again been a bust. I'm finding again, my selections don't seem to be the easiest plants to get to reverse and make pollen. Because of the issues I've been having, I went into this cycle with a backup plan. While this was the backup, this is still very much something I am very excited about make no mistake about that. So, let me go ahead and introduce you all to what is now up to bat! Instead, I will be working with my Cherry Pie x Mod Macberry Moonshine regular seed line. The cherry pie x mod mac moonshine project line was originally created by me in Hawaii, using the true Cherry pie bay area cut, and seeding her with the male modified macberry moonshine. Cherry pie was a mold magnet in Hawaii, so the majority of the plant molded up, and I only got a handful of seeds total. So - this project f1 was extremely limited. I popped all the seeds I had made - and in total 37 plants came up. I culled the runts and those that didn't pass my primary stress testing and vibe checks. I am left with 12 plants, Ill post photos shortly, and I will also again mid / end of flower as well. These 12 F1 plants are all being used to f2 the line in a somewhat "open" pollination. Not a true open pollination botanically speaking, but by using multiple males and females, I will hopefully be able to make great selections from the f2 Generation, and hopefully find the combo and traits I'm looking for to start locking down in the f3 generation. I will also outcross using the males to my hareem. I am using - Deathstar, Haole Moonshine #3 and #13, Blackberry Moonshine bx1, Mac dragon #10, Modified Macberry Moonshine, Fire Og, Black Velvet, and Chem 91 as pollen receivers. By using multiple males, there will be more possible combos and expressions, so these will truly be hunter lines, and entirely possibly to find something unique and best suited to all sorts of growers. So, obviously this was my backup plan, but something I am truly excited about as the Cherry Pie is easily in my top 5 smokes, and the pairing with my mod mac moonshine I have a lot of belief will help remedy some of the downsides to growing the CP, such as the finicky nature, mildew and mold issues, as well as my belief the terp combo from both parents will be complimentary. We shall see!

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ken greek
ken greek
May 06, 2023

Looking and sounding really Awesome!!!! Love your Work!!!!


Good luck on this project. Hope it goes fantastic for you.

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