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Silver Dragon Haze

The SDH...she's one of my older lines for sure...I believe I made her back in 2015 roughly...maybe a year or two older. She was one that originally kind of got slept on, as I didn't make a ton of stock, and let's face it, the land of everyone wanting cookies, bag appeal, and desert strains, haze is not the word associated in people's minds for hype. So, she has been in my fridge just getting stored. Well, I decided it time to change that!

Her lineage is -

Super Silver Haze Clone - Norcal early 2000s cut that floated around the hills x ([Grape Stomper OG x Plushberry) X Orange og Sr71 Purple Kush)]

What you can expect - old school dankness. Terps like the mainstream doesn't see anymore - spicy, metal, funky cat piss, rotting berry, and some go straight funky fuel.

There is purple hinted phenos - like this one.

These are typically the more berry phenos with some sour fuel rancidness under it. They yield well and preform easily. These ones tend to me the more commercial / mainstream type, as its some sour purple kush looking in the bag. Smoke is balanced, with some cerebral hazey mind feelings, with some warmth and heaviness from the broad leaf side.

Then Green phenos / thinner leaf phenos like this one is also common. These ones tend to be more influenced by the SSH side, and are typically more cat piss, astringent, lemon cleaner, metallic nose assaulting vibes. These green phenos are racey with intense soaring effects, although more balanced then a pure haze rollercoaster. These will take the old haze lovers on a trip down memory lane!

There are some like this as well, that get a blueish tint to the flowers, with a medium stout structure. These are a nice blend, with some fuel and some astringent sour notes. They yield well, and have a nice all-day smoke, but not as intense as the green or purple phenos.

Im sure you will enjoy any of the phenos this line gives ya though. This will be an 80-pack total release - and that's all the stock we have. Not a marketing ploy or anything, just what we have of it. She was one that I didn't perfectly time her seeding, and I paid the price with way less seed stock then I would have liked to see. But it needs to not die in my fridge, this is a line I want to see in gardens everywhere!

So, with that said, peace from my wife and me! Dates to be announced soon!

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