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Stain spotlight - Dude you're droolin'

Well, just got a nice photo bomb update off thcfarmer of my line, Dude you're droolin, so figured I'd share them on here as well as the feedback received!

For those unfamiliar with the Dude you're droolin line, this is my combination of two of my sour gassy lines, the Celestial dragon female, to the reversed Orange Dreams #3. The celestial dragon I selected here in Hawaii for her obscene resistance levels, as well as having my favorite profile from the line, the sour rancid fuel terps. The Orange dreams #3 that I reversed was actually an Oregon Selection full term / indoors, and is also known for her sour, bo and kushy terp profile. Here in Hawaii, the Orange Dreams was highly Septoria resistant, but her huge buds did have mold issues here in Hawaii. In Oregon, she was highly resistant. Just goes to show the difference between hot humidity vs cold rainy.

The orange dreams#3 Cut - Here she is indoors, grown organically in soil, under 1000 watt SE HPS

Here is the orange dreams #3 below, Grown by DFG in northern Oregon Outdoor - 200 Gallon Smart pot.

Full size indoor shot. Orange dreams #3 - Mother of all the feminized orange dream projects. Grown by DFG indoors under 1k SE HPS

Here she is in a traditional market grow done by a friend - fluence Leds

orange dreams outdoors Grown traditional market by a friend in Douglas county Oregon

To read the full grow log done by madmax on the dude you're droolin, heres the link for ya -

But here is Some of the awesome photos he posted of the dude you're droolin line.

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31 мая 2022 г.

Very Nice! Is this strain

currently available? I would love to work with this strain.

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