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The cycle of changes..

Well, I know I'm not the only one going thru life changes, so I figured I would do a quick blog entry to keep people in the loop about current happenings. Since moving back from Hawaii after selling the property there, life has been interesting. Part of the reason we moved back was our family's health deteriorated. My grandfather has since left this earth, and my other grandfather is losing a battle to Alzheimer's disease. While things are not rosey at every stage in life, this chapter is one no one looks forward to, but we all must endure. We also have had the usual housing issues - going from owning a plot of ground to back into the rental race, and trying to secure a good home, let alone a home to also grow out of, is quite the ordeal. We had been renting an overpriced apartment, which was fairly comfortable I suppose, but extremely overpriced, and I only had the spare bedroom to grow out of. We ended up having to do a surprise inspection and ended up finding a new rental. We did the timeless tale of "fuck hide the plants and signs of a grow" with success. Did get a bit sketch when the management agent hung a new notice on our door as I in the process of throwing freshly chopped plants into contractor bags, and had the Luxx Leds taken down and on the living room floor, waiting for their turn to get loaded into the u-haul. As strongly as the seeded crop stunk thru the contractor bags, I have a hard time believing the management didn't smell it, but if he did, he didn't give us any shit about it. While I personally hate having do these kinds of hurdles, and long for a day when cannabis plants are no more sketchy than tomato plants, that day has yet to arrive. I'd like to believe that was my last time having to hide, or be extra discrete, but living this grower life, you never know.

The silver lining to this, our new rental is 1500 less a month in rent, has a small backyard for the dogs, and I was able to upgrade the grow space into a single car garage, with concrete floors instead of carpet. So, I suppose at least this move wasn't a downgrade. As always, the goal is to grind it out, work hard, and someday I know, and I hope, that my hard work will pay off, and I'll have the beautiful farm in prime grow country that I dream of. until then, Ill be right here, working hard to create the most unique, beautiful, and terpene rich genetics I can, and I hope you guys stick around to enjoy the show!

Stay free, Stay high,

The dragon

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Adya Dhara
13 mar 2023

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