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The Dragon says plant more seeds!

Theres nothing quite like starting seeds! My demons have been wanting to start some more beans, so today I gave in and got a few more things going! One thing that is very true about growing in Hawaii / Tropics - You have to start a lot of plants - and weed thru the ones that just can't take the tropical humidity, and then play with the remaining ones. That, coupled with our year-round grow season, makes for a happy bean junky such as me! Todays pops were ones I am pretty excited for.

We had dinner with some local friends and as is customary with my meetups, we swapped some seeds. 2 packs I just could wait to pop -

Devils Skunk - From Snow High seeds - I have always wanted to grow the legendary uncle festers skunk - and while I don't yet know what the devils tit is (will do some research and get back to ya) it sounds very interesting if you ask me.

And the Dragons Fire f2 - also from Snow high seeds. I mean come on - Its got dragon right in the name! If that isn't something that I need to play with, I don't know what is! And with the parents being lemon thai x Burmese x Angola Red x Thai x purple thai, I mean jeeze, if that doesn't sound like it was made for the tropics... these should be pretty fun. With it being f2ed already, Im expecting some diversity. Ill definitely make sure that I f2 them all as well, as Johns work is typically very stellar genetics.

And these here, these are from my local friend Matchmaker Genetics, who breeds down in lower Puna. He is always an off grid outdoor / greenhouse farmer on the island, and having grown both the skunkdog, and the sour d bx2 parents, I know I'm in for a treat that probably is also very jungle tuff. Always exciting growing island genetics, so I'm pretty pumped to see what comes from these. We also received the blessing to do a collab, so who knows, DFG / Matchmaker collab could be starting right off these beans! We shall have to see what gems they may hold.

I also started some (not pictured) of my seeds of the cross I made here in hawaii last year of the Cambodian "Red stem phenotype" (Indian landrace exchange stock) x Golden Dragon (Snowhigh seeds stock.) The golden dragon is a Khmer Cambodian x Mekong Thai cross, so this is sort of like a Cambodian BX, although using different stocks entirely, so not a true backcross. These will be grown out torture test style to see their resistance levels and select possible parents to continue the lines direction.

I also started some Highland Thai preservations done by good friend PirateshipBaba. These were originally based of the Real Seed Co stock, which PSB selected and worked here in Hawaii. He is up the volcano from me at over 3000-foot elevation, so he has an even colder, wetter microclimate then I do, so these should be very at home at my property. These will also be selected from to continue working the line, and this one I'm also hoping to find a jungle tuff mom to continue working with long term, combining modern genetics x highland Thai. The flower samples I've smoked from this line already are very nice, with huge bracts covered in resin, very sparkling for heirloom sativa, thin leaf, so I'm hoping and crossing my fingers to find some nice parents to use.

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