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The end of February is here...

Well, Somehow, we are already coming up to the end of the month. Things here in Hawaii have been very beautiful. We have been having some unseasonably dry weather, which has made for perfect timing as we have a lot going on. My ladies' parents are flying in for their first visit the second week of march, so much of our work currently has been getting the property buttoned up more, and getting things cleaned, manicured, and ready for their visit. This will be the first time they have been able to come see the property due to covid, and while my wife has been able to fly back to visit once, it's been over 2 years now since I've seen them (or left this island - and fyi Island fever IS real.)

I mean...February in Hawaii....can't really hate that view!

I need to get some photos, but I managed to get the stair rails on FINALLY, and we are working on getting our sugar shack of a house painted, interior and exterior, while getting everything here cleaned, and dialed in. We got a nice table and chair setup in one end of the upper greenhouse for when they visit, although, my wife and I are finding sitting down in the greenhouse after the heat of the day has passed is our new favorite pastime. I mean come on, who wouldn't hate this view from the lawnchair, and who wouldn't want to smoke some ganja here?!

Right now, to our property is pushing those spring flowers out. The pineapples we started year 1 when we landed (basically I saved every top off every pineapple I ate...and that first year...I ate a ton of white pineapples) are starting to flower, which in itself is interesting, let alone knowing someday there will be a dank pineapple to eat off it! If you ever come to the island, let me tell ya, skip the yellow pineapples, and go straight to the white pineapples, and don't let the sticker shock send you away, they are worth every dollar! (a typical white pineapple costs around 20-30 bucks each and they sell out usually)

We also got a nice bed started, which will someday be pretty magical, I think. I typically focus so much on food production, utility plants, and plants with purpose, but this plant bed was really a nice change of pace and was built just for the beauty and enhancing the property. We used a truck load of mulch and spread it under one of the native ferns, and then planted 2 bags worth of caladium bulbs. This one will take a while I suspect, but when they are established...I'll post some update photos and we can all enjoy the transformation.

Can't wait to see some nice pops of red and pinks right here to break up all the green!

In garden news...the next cycle is chugging along. They have been in their pots now a week or

so, and seem to be rooting in nicely. I have done 2 ipm sprays now this week, I hit first with dr. zymes, and then a few days later, I sprayed Grandevo. In the next few days Ill do a lab / Faa spray as well. While I don't see any active issues, here in Hawaii there is always some pest or pathogen ready and waiting, so in veg I lay a heavy ipm program.

The ladies also got their next top dressing, this round of top dressing was more nutri pellets, and then roughly 2 weeks apart, Ill top dress the next thing, which will be down to earths Bio-Live. The bio-live is a blend that has some beneficial life, as well as food, while the nutri pellets are just composted and pelletized chicken manure. I don't go very heavy on either of these products, I just usually use about a cup of each per pot, spread nicely, and then water in. Easy peasy.

Well, I think that just about covers it for today! I hope everyone is doing good out there, I know its crazy times...

If you managed to get thru this blog entry - heres your special prize -

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Stay Free, Stay high!

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