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The new chapter has begun!

Well, after quite a hectic week, I am so happy to report that my family is all safely moved back to the mainland. The dogs were especially an adventure to get over here and setup, but that headache is officially done! We are back in Oregon, staying at a family house, and have a lot of feelers out currently looking for our next spot. We haven't really figured out what the long-term plan is, other than the usual grow and bred top shelf genetics and providing a good life for my wife and me. It's definitely an interesting feeling, but we are pretty excited to see where the winds take us and what the next adventure will be.

A Big part of this move as well will be allowing me to focus down on my day trading and sharing that section of the journey with you guys as well. I'm sure some have already heard the rumblings, or seen on Instagram, but the 100k challenge is officially a go! I know a lot of people have a lot of questions on this, and how it's going to go down, etc., so Monday morning, starting at 7 am PST in my discord server, I will do the 1st day of trading live, as well as doing a Live Q and A session, and discussion of how the challenge will work, my trading strategy, goals, how people can follow along etc. etc. Anyone is welcome to come check it out if they are interested.

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