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The next chapter has begun!

I am pleased to report that we are nearly done setting up shop in our new home on the mainland. It’s been a total whirlwind moving, and my wife and I both managed to catch covid during the process, so have been running slow this week. But it seems the worst is behind us now, and its on to the new start in the new chapter in our life. I have to confess, being back in Oregon, and being able to take a short drive to see our families, has been truly amazing. My wife and I both wondered when we were selling our Hawaii home if we would have some regrets, but honestly, being back home has erased those thoughts. It could have gone either way but being back home has felt right since the minute we stepped off the plane. Being able to celebrate 4th of July with our family and watching my wife smile ear to ear playing with her nephew…we made the right call. As cheesy as it sounds – home truly is where the heart is. As much as it was an amazing journey in Hawaii, we learned so much about growing cannabis is challenging AF climate zones, I taught myself how to day trade, and it strengthened my relationship with my lady. All in all, we feel so proud about what we did in Hawaii, but also are glad to have closed that chapter, and excited to see where the next journey leads!

In the actual growing related news, our first runs here in Oregon are now starting. The first flower run will be a testing cycle of the blackberry moonshine bx1 x Modified Macberry Moonshine cross. Considering the powerful terpene numbers, and insane bag appeal both parental lines have, I am very excited to see what this matchup will bring. Both the BMS BX1 and the MMM have the same father- the Macberry Moonshine [Blackberry moonshine #12 x (blackberry moonshine 12 x Mac) dfg / Twotonegenetics collab] so I am expecting a tad more uniform a line then typical, as these are not a true F1 cross, as they are related. With a literal fridge full of seeds and hundreds of lines needing testing, it was difficult to pick which line was up first. At the new spot, we do have less space than I am typically working with, so I knew in order to get a proper testing in, I would need to dedicate the entirety of the space to each line. So it took a lot of internal debate to make the decision on which line to test first. In the end, I went with my gut. The Blackberry moonshine has been a highly dependable breeder mom that has produced many amazing offspring. And the Modified Macberry Moonshine Is one of my favorite terpene profiles with its dank garlic skunk funky profile. That and there is always something much more special about playing with a line that has so much of my work involved in its lineage.

The other main thing that will make this will be a very interesting run for me, is this will be my first time using the newest in lighting technology. When last we were operating in Oregon I had a nice 40 light setup that was mixed 1k Single ended and Double ended, and In general really, I’ve always been an old school 1k Air cooled HPS. There are many LED light companies to choose from, and honestly most the brands seemed to have a loyal following all swearing by them. The more I researched, the more it seemed like there was no clear winner, so I just went thru and looked thru IG feeds at my favorite indoor flower growers. I also sent some DMS to the top brands, mostly just to see who answered questions. In the end, I pulled the trigger on the Luxx 645 pro bar style. I am not getting paid to say that in case anyone is wondering. My top 3 I had it narrowed to were HLG / FOHSE / LUXX. I ruled HLG out simply because the research I kept finding all suggested the bar style is superior to board style. Fohse I ruled out because for my needs, having to buy 2 extra 500 controllers just to run the lights that were already 2x the price of the luxx. I couldn’t justify the extra expense in any tangible proof of it being a better light. Once I hung the luxx in the tent and ran it overnight, I must admit I am very impressed. The staggering difference in heat production alone! Will be interesting to see the differences in flower once we are there.

While that crop flowers, the following run will be to reverse the Modified Macberry Moonshine female keeper that was found by Cannaessentials, a rec farm here in the Willamette valley. Their first run tested at 27.1 THC and 4.37% terps, and the next run went over 5% terps. After touring their greenhouses and seeing her in flower, in veg, and then smoking thru a quarter pound of it, I wanted the cut, and they were happy to oblige. I will reverse it to make some Feminized S1s, as well as a few fun outcrosses, more details to come as I figure out lineup.

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