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Triangle Death Skunk

The beatiful TDS line is the latest from the DFG / Matchmaker Genetics collabs. It's lineage is the Ohio Deathstar cut seeded by my selection of MMG Triangle skunk. The Triangle skunk is skunkdog x (skunkdog x purple stardawg)

This pair brings the old school nostolgia back into the current day. Rubber cement, tennis balls, skunk, fuel, and stank is what this line is known for, along with insane potency. None of the soft gelato, runtz, cookies, are you really even stoned nonsense. Raw power, old school terps, and easy going nature. Killer mold and mildew resistance, and all around, one for the old heads and those wishing to experience the old school vibe.

My testers raved on this one, and its easy to see why!!

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2 comentarios

Your ideas are really smart. Thanks for sharing

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Me gusta

SS Grower
SS Grower
24 feb

That Ohio Cut is a great one so I hear,Cheers Jeff hang in there, I am "Popping" Purple Dragon Rider soon. SSgrower

Me gusta
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